Lenvino Watch Co. Launches the Lecronos “Race for Vintage” Collection

Lenvino Watch Co., launched in Hong Kong in January 2017, is described by its founders as “a group of watch addicts with the passion and constancy of traditional watch craftsmanship” who aim to “awaken people’s minds about the core function of a watch.”

In 2017, the micro-brand launched its first Kickstarter campaign to fund the World’s First Minimalist Design Rectangular Tourbillon Watch. After 40 days on Kickstarter, it raised a total of HK$ 427,860, resulting in Omega Replica the most-backed tourbillon project in Kickstarter history. On the heels of this success, Lenvino Watch Co. returns to Kickstarter to introduce the new Lecronos collection.

Lecronos takes its name and concept from the term “chronometer,” a descriptor for a watch with high accuracy and precision, and with it the Lenvino team strives to create authentic, high-quality timepieces by combining traditional watch craftsmanship with vintage-inspired design codes — timepieces comparable to those from high-end luxury brands but at a fraction of those products’ retail prices.

Drawing on the owners’ passion for vintage cars, Lenvino has introduced the Race for Vintage collection, with numerous details inspired by features of classic sports cars, including a dial designed to resemble a vintage tachometer Replica Hublot watches. The watches are equipped with a reliable Japanese-made movement, the automatic Seiko NH 35A, which has a 40-hour power reserve and an accuracy of +/- 20 to 40 seconds per day. An innovative approach was also used to differentiate the hour hand from the minute hand. And the company will offer interchangeable racing style Italian calf leather straps and Milanese bracelets. The retail price starts at just $149, with many additional discounted packages from which to choose. The first 100 pieces of each model will be limited editions and individually numbered, with xxx/100 engraved on their casebacks.

The dial finds inspiration in the tachometers of vintage sports cars from the 1970s and 1980s. To differentiate the design from huge fashion watches that are going out in same, the designers stripped away all “unnecessary” elements from the dial and relocating them to inside of the the crystal, which is enhanced with a dashboard-style motif.

In order to help the user can read the time clearly, a creative approach to the time display was required. Normally, people will look at the outer part of the watch to find the hour then the minute. On this watch’s dial, the outer ring hosts the hours markers and the inner ring the minutes. Both are indicated by differently colored hands, red for the minutes and white for the hours, while a disk indicates the seconds.

The Race for Vintage collection is equipped with a 43-mm 316L stainless steel round case with a curved bezel. The domed sapphire crystal is known for its excellent scratch-resistance, and a screw-down, transparent caseback with a vintage car’s wheel rim design prints pattern allows a view of the movement’s laser-branded rotor and the motion of the balance wheel.The range comes in six color combinations, with the option to choose the case and strap colors as the campaign concludes. Dial variations include dark grey and silver, black and silver, all black, dark gray and khaki, light grey and silver, and black with gold.

The racing-style, interchangeable watch straps are made from genuine Italian calf leather. The straps’ design is inspired by racing gloves and punched with patterned holes for style and cooling. Each comes with a quick-release spring bar, so that the straps can be swapped in seconds without the need for special tools, and are available in five different colors: dark brown, navy blue, brown, black, and gray.

Meanwhile, the Milanese bracelets come with an adjustable buckle that can be accommodate any wrist size and is engraved with the LECRONOS logo. They are available in four different plating colors: silver, black, khaki gold tone, and rose gold tone.

Lenvino follows strict procedures to ensure the quality of the watches it produces. Every watch is quality controlled, undergoing a technical control check, quality assurance check, and a final quality check that involves a QC engineer rigorously testing all watches for water resistance, movement performance, resistance to shocks and impacts, and other criteria,to ensure each watch functions perfectly before it is shipped to a customer. All watches come with a five-year warranty and are expected to be ready for shipment direct to customers by September 2018.

Backers of the Kickstarter project have been vocal in their praise, with one proclaiming, “The Lecronos brand… designed a dial inspired by car dials while using a classic Seiko caliber. Their trick was to use the inner face of the sapphire crystal of the watch. Bravo! At a modest cost, these Hong Kong watchmakers have managed to offer an original model that is close to the dials of cars.” Another backer simply opined, “Nice design. But which color to choose?” Enthusiast website Watchuseek offered the following: “With Lecronos, Lenvino cleverly combines traditional craftsmanship with vintage motor car racing and the result is timeless design with contemporary flair. Together with the minimalist style of the watch, Lenvino has managed to produce a clean, cool looking retro dial with a new and fun way to read time.”

Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime: journey in first class

The Swiss independent watch manufacturer Breitling has unveiled on the occasion of Basel 2012, the Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime. A very nice piece looking fifties, with a 46 mm (waterproof 100 m) in red gold case or steel, which hosts the mechanical automatic calibre Breitling 05, which in addition to its 70 hours of power reserve offers the chronograph functions, date and world time. A beautiful timepiece that makes you want to travel across the planet.

This beautiful chronograph to ‘universal time’ (two beautiful complications) is equipped with a new factory, entirely designed and manufactured in the workshops Breitling movement. Thanks to its double disc Omega Replica, the Transocean Chronograph Omega ReplicaUnitime displayed at any time, and at the same time, the time in 24 time zones.

“An innovative system with patented mechanism allows the traveller when it changes zone, to correct a single gesture all indications by simply turning the Crown” ensures the brand in its release. If the chronograph and the instruments for professionals have emerged since 1884 as one of the areas of Breitling, watches travel have also played an important role in the history of the brand to the winged “B”.

By sharing all the heyday of the conquest of the air, Breitling did meet pas accompanied the growth of air transport and travel going? In the years 19501960, the brand became famous by a model named Unitime, an automatic watch ‘universal time’ (but without clock at the time)-become a piece of highly sought-after collection.

Today Breitling strengthens his invitation to travel by marrying these two complications (universal time and chronograph) in a new model of the Transocean range, a collection reflecting all the refinement and prestige of luxury long-haul.

More concretely, the Transocean Chronograph Unitime is distinguished by its modern lines allied to a design decidedly vintage. Note the attention to detail: the image of its dial with decor of Earth. It is available in steel or red gold Replica hublot watches , with a bezel of the cities available in several languages.

Developing the new caliber 05, based on the same architecture that caliber 01, Breitling watchmakers wanted to reinvent “the mechanism of universal time” with a system of adjustment with the comfort of use unprecedented the statement.

Thus, this new model has two mobile drives: a 24-hour drive and a disk bearing the names of 24 cities representing 24 time zones (to be noted that the commonly used city of Caracas has been replaced by Puerto Rico). Central hands time matches the zone posted at 12: 00. The bezel of the cities also contains indications allowing to hold account of daylight savings time.

When the user changes the time zone, please pull out the Crown and rotate it forward or backwards in steps of one hour to correct a single gesture hour, the city disc and disc 24 hours hand. On the calendar, it is automatically adjusted to the date of the local time zone, in a sense as in the other. During these operations, seconds and minutes hands continue to run normally, without any loss of precision, and the current runners are not disturbed.

Independent Swiss watch brand Breitling has just unveiled a new chronograph bicompax/date Transocean of 38 mm, steel model available or pink gold with automatic mechanical movement on bracelet ucuir or metal that caters specifically to women. In short, a real shows men… but for women. This new timepiece to the sober design interprets the aesthetics of the 1950s-1960s vintage Chronographs in a contemporary style.

In recent years, the trend is clear: women are more in addition to the designs of men… Mechanical if possible. Well aware of this request, also found around the world, independent watchmaker Breitling has unveiled a very nice variation of its model Transocean.

Breitling adds so this year to this beautiful collection, a chronograph model for women of 38 mm diameter dressing with character all wrists, even the finest (why not, in some male cases). The case has a beveled bezel and slender horns. It is available in steel or red gold 18 ct. The finely worked dials are decorated index appliques and counters in troughs with spiral decoration. They are available in three colors: deep black, a silver from the most beautiful Flash and a midnight blue.

The bottom features engraving of two stylized aircraft that were long the symbol of Breitling, as the initial B gold 18 ct enhancing the dial. Wristbands Barenia leather or crocodile offer a wide range of colours bright or classical – not forgetting the button of Audacity and sophistication of braided steel bracelet. The Transocean Chronograph is equipped with an automatic chronograph movement chronometer-certified by the COSC (Controle Officiel chronometers Switzerland), like all Breitling watches also…